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Co-Authorship with Graduate Students
-A Workshop for Faculty-

Monique Dufour & Justin Grimes

We want our graduate students to learn to write and publish. We know that they need strong writing skills in order to complete their degrees and thrive in their careers. And, our own research programs may rely on our students' successful completion of their papers, theses, and dissertations.


Co-authorship with graduate students is important and rewarding work. It’s also time-consuming and often overwhelming. It seems like no one really taught us how to do it well. So we act out of habit, or replicate how we were taught. But we also wonder if there’s a better way.


We designed this workshop for faculty groups, graduate programs, labs, and research teams. Let us help you co-author in efficient and effective ways.


What problems will this workshop help you solve?

  • Giving copious feedback that students don't use.

  • Feeling uncertain about how to help students.

  • Spending a lot of time on drafts that need a lot of work.

  • Getting students to revise.

  • Giving up and just writing it all yourself at the end.


What will you learn?

  • How to give feedback that students will use.

  • How to truly teach co-authorship as an essential professional skill.

  • How to manage your time, and how to teach students to manage their time.

  • How to help students share their work early and to revise.

  • How effective co-authorship pedagogy can promote inclusion and retention.

now booking for your faculty group

Contact us for details and a free consultation.


now booking for your faculty group

Contact us for details and a free consultation.


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